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PEB Structures:

Pre-engineered buildings are suitable for both, industrial and commercial operations. Warehouses, factories, aircraft hangars, cold storages, workshops, stadiums, supermarkets or any high-rise building. Classic Engineering Works Pre-Engineered Metal Building Systems offer modern solutions to all building constructions along with the benefits of superior quality, efficiency, and durability.


Advantages of PEB – Pre-Engineered Buildings:

  • Construction time: PEB reduces the total construction cost by the least 40% which leads to faster occupancy and early revenue.
  • Lower cost: Saving is accomplished in design, manufacturing and erection cost.
  • Large clear span: In PEB the buildings can be given up to 90m clear spans which are the important advantage of PEB with column-free space.
  • Flexibility of expansion: PEB can be easily expanded in length by adding additional bays.
  • Quality control: PEB’s are manufactured under controlled conditions depending on the site and hence the quality is assured.
  • Low maintenance: PEB’s have high-quality paint systems for cladding which gives long durability and low maintenance costs.

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