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Electroforged Gratings

Electroforged Gratings are made using the electroforging process. The electro forging processes eliminates any crack or open joint. The strength of bearing bar is also retained. The square twisted bar (crossbar) provides excellent anti-skid property.

Classic Engineering Works offer you almost 0% deviation/defects for the perfect grating for your requirement. We provide the most economical gratings based upon the load and span requirements of our clients.

Bar grating is a series of bearing bars joined to perpendicular cross bars at various intervals to form a load-bearing panel. Designed to hold heavy loads with minimal weight, it’s an affordable way to optimize pedestrian and vehicle movement or maximize usable space at your application. With a large percentage of open area, bar grating requires little maintenance and increases user safety with enhanced traction, ventilation, visibility, and light passage.

Identify the best bar grating solution for your application with assistance from the experts at Classic Engineering Works Gratings.

At Classic Engineering Works Gratings, customer satisfaction is our top priority. Operating in accordance with National Association of Metal Manufacturer's standards, we work with you to ensure each job meets the required specifications before delivering a quality product on time at an affordable price.

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